Sikh Union Club Nairobi Captain, Gursaran Singh Sehmi, third from left holding the M R D'Souza Gold Cup in 1959

Gursaran Sehmi


Gursaran Singh Sehmi (Chhani)

 Date and place of Birth 17.02.1931 in Nairobi, Kenya
 Club Sikh Union Nairobi
 Playing position Forward
 Olympic Games Melbourne 1956; Rome 1960

Olympic Games






 Melbourne 1956 23.11.1956 Group B Kenya 0 - Australia 2


 Rome 1960 01.09.1960 Group C Kenya 7 - Italy 0


 Rome 1960 08.09.1960 Class 5 - 8 Kenya 1 - Australia 1


 Rome 1960 10.09.1960 Class 5 - 8 replay Kenya 1 - Australia 2



Gursaran Singh Sehmi, nick named Chhani, was born on 17 February 1931 in Nairobi, Kenya.

He played both hockey and cricket for Sikh Union Club, Nairobi.

He started playing representative Hockey in Kenya in 1955.

He was a Pharmacist by profession.

He was selected to represent Kenya at the Melbourne 1956 Olympic Games.

After the Melbourne Olympic Games, he went to the UK for further studies. He represented Woolwich (now Thames) Polytechnic and London Universities at both hockey and cricket.

On return to Kenya, he captained Kenya in her first International match against England in Nairobi in 1958.

He was selected to represent Kenya at Rome 1960 Olympic Games.

The following year he led Sikh Union Club Nairobi to their first win of the M R D'Souza Gold Cup.

He represented Kenya at Cricket against South Africa Universities, Uganda and Pakistan

Gursaran died on 30th June 2009 in Nairobi, Kenya aged 78.