Jagjit Kular


Jagjit Singh Kular

 School Technical High School, Nairobi, Kenya
 Club Sikh Union Nairobi
 Position Forward
 First international 20.03.1969 v India in Amritsar
 Olympic Games Mexico 1968; Munich 1972
 World Cups Barcelona 1971; Amsterdam 1973
 Hockey idols Balbir Singh Sr (India) & Hardev Singh Kular (Kenya)

Olympic Games






 Munich 1972 27.08.1972 Group B Kenya 0 - Poland 1


 Munich 1972 28.08.1972 Group B Kenya 1 - Australia 3


 Munich 1972 30.08.1972 Group B Kenya 1 - Netherlands 5


 Munich 1972 02.09.1972 Group B Kenya 2 - India 3


 Munich 1972 03.09.1972 Group B Kenya 2 - New Zealand 2


 Munich 1972 07.09.1972 Class 13 - 14 Kenya 1 - Argentina 0



Jagjit Singh Kular was born in Mombasa, Kenya. His parents had emigrated to Kenya from Punjab in early 1920s. He started playing hockey while studying at Primary School and continued playing when he moved to Technical High School, Nairobi. Nairobi.

He went to India for further studies in 1964, played for Lyallpur Khalsa College Jalandhar until 1969. The College team won the Inter-College Championships during this period. He was the captain of the Punjab University hockey team in 1968. He went on to represent Rest of India against the Indian National team in 1968.

He returned to Kenya at the end of 1969 and continued his studies at Nairobi University. He played for the University team and joined Sikh Union Nairobi, one of the most famous Clubs in Kenya. He played for the Sikh Union team from 1969-1973.

His father Bachittar Singh also played for Sikh Union Nairobi in 1920s. His elder brothers Hardial Singh and Hardev Singh also played for Sikh Union Nairobi in 1950s.

He earned his first international cap for Kenya in 1969 when he was selected to play against India in Amritsar, India.

He was selected to represent Kenya at the Mexico 1968 and Munich 1972 Olympic Games.

He was selected to represent Kenya at the Barcelona 1971 and Amsterdam 1973 World Cups.

He emigrating to Canada in 1973 and turned to coaching and administrative work. He became the Technical Director of Quebec Hockey Federation and later Ontario Hockey Federation.

He was the manager of the Canadian team which toured Italy and Spain in 1992.

He died in Toronto, Canada on 12 June 2017.