Balbir Sihra in action during the Indoor Club Finals night at Crystal Palace - 9 February 1996

Balbir Sihra


Balbir Singh Sihra

 Date and place of Birth 21.03.1951 in Nairobi, Kenya
 School  Eastleigh Secondary School, Nairobi, Kenya
 Club Hayes Hockey Club (England)
 Indoor international Umpire 8 October 1993 (FIH No 86)
 FIH Grade 1 Badge 22 April 1994


Balbir Singh Sihra was born on 21 March 1951 in Nairobi, Kenya.

He was educated at Eastleigh Secondary School, Nairobi and Kololo Secondary School, Kampala, Uganda.

He played hockey at school and Ramgharia Sikh Sports Club, Kampala, Uganda.

He emigrated to the UK in 1972 and played for Hayes Hockey Club. He was the captain when the Club was promoted to south premier league.

He started umpiring Indoor hockey while still playing outdoor hockey and started umpiring outdoor hockey full time in 1987. He was on the panel of umpires for National Hockey League from 1989.

He umpired at England Indoor Hockey Club Championships Finals from 1987 to 1996.

During the same period, he was appointed to umpire International Indoor tournaments in Birmingham, England; Dundee, Scotland; Vienna, Austria Lille, France and Sofia, Bulgaria.

He was awarded England National Indoor Badge in 1989; F.I.H. Indoor Badge in October 1993 and F.I.H Class 1 (Crown) Indoor Hockey Badge in April 1994.

He lives in Harrow, Middlesex, England.