Amrit Bose (3rd from right) at the Women's Olympic Qualifier at Milton Keynes, England in 2000. Photo: Peter Savage /

Amrit Bose


Amrit Bose

 Secretary IWHF 
 FIH Competitions Committee 2008 - 2010
 Technical Official Women's Olympic Qualifier 2000

Amrit Bose started her teaching career in Delhi colleges in the Physical Education Departments.  She served the Indian Women's Hockey Federation in different capacities, including Secretary-General, for a long period.

She was an international hockey player. She hailed from Ludhiana, Punjab and played as a goalkeeper for Indian team. She remained a technical official at various international hockey tournaments. She continued to head the Indian Women's Hockey Federation after the merger of both men and women hockey federations. The formation of Hockey India was challenged and Mrs Bose was on the forefront along with Mr KPS Gill in the legal battle. An able administrator and organizer, she was the spirit behind many international events the IWHF organized before it lost its entity to the unified Hockey India.

Amrit Bose died on Sunday 20 June 2021 in Delhi hospital following Corona complications. She was aged 85.