Inder in action

Inder Singh


Inder Singh

 Date and place of Birth 25 February 1944 in Faridkot, Punjab
 School Balbir High School, Faridkot
 Club Railways
 Playing position Inside left
 1st international 07.05.1966 v Poland in Kalisz, Poland
 Last international 26.10.1968 v West Germany in Mexico (Olympics)
 Olympic Games Mexico City 1968


Olympic Games






 Mexico 1968 13.10.1968 Group A India  1 - New Zealand 2


 Mexico 1968 14.10.1968 Group A India  2 - West Germany 1


 Mexico 1968 15.10.1968 Group A India  8 - Mexico 0


 Mexico 1968 17.10.1968 Group A India  1 - Spain 0


 Mexico 1968 18.10.1968 Group A India  2 - Belgium 1


 Mexico 1968 21.10.1968 Group A India  1 - East Germany 0


 Mexico 1968 24.10.1968 Semi-Final India  1 - Australia 2


 Mexico 1968 26.10.1968 Class 3 - 4 India  2 - West Germany 1



Inder Singh, nicknamed "Gogi" was born on 25th February 1944  in Fairdkot and educated at Balbir High School, Fairdkot.

He played for Northern Railway Team from 1963 to 1968 and represented the Railways in the Nationals.

He was a member of the Indian team that toured Europe and played at the Hamburg International tournament in May 1966.

He earned his first international cap for India when he was selected to play against Poland in Kalisz, Poland on 7 May 1966.

The team played a few matches in England on route home from Hamburg. In September 1966 he played in the series against Japan in Japan. He played in the Bangkok Asian Games in December 1966 where India won the Gold Medal for the first time.

He also played in the eight nations Madrid Hockey Festival in May 1967 and in matches in London on route home. Few months later, in October 1967 he played at the London Pre-Olympic Tournament.

He played against the Germany team in India in January 1968, toured East Africa with the Indian team on route to Mexico 1968 Olympic Games. He played in eight of the nine matches India played at Mexico Olympics where India won the Bronze Medal.

His last international match for India was against West Germany in Mexico at Mexico Olympics on 26 October 1968.

He settled in Italy following the Mexico City 1968 Olympic Games. He played for the MDA Club in Rome and started coaching the Italian junior team. He played for a season in Hamburg in 1970.

Three years later Inder shifted to a small town Bra, near Torino and joined Hockey Lorenzonic Bra, one of the premier first division clubs in Italy.

The club was started by Agasto Lorenzini, manager of the Italian athletic squad at Rome 1960 Olympic Games. Lorenzini was mesmerised by the Indian hockey team's performance in 1960, and started the club to promote hockey in Italy.

He settled down as a player-Coach in Bra, and later, got into garments exports and married Gianna Fissore, an Italian girl who played for the women's squad in Bra. 

His daughter, Jasbeer,  is an Italian international hockey player.

Inder passed away in Italy on 19th August 2001 aged 56 years.